MyInfo workspace


Work With Any Kind of Information

MyInfo makes it easy to gather any type of information in your notebooks. You can add text notes, bookmarks, links to external files, attachments, web snippets, tasks, and PDFs.

Adding new notes is as easy as dragging a file, pasting a web snippet, or just typing you ideas in the note editor.

Web Clipper

Capture parts or whole web pages directly from your browser.


Import data from a variety of other applications.


Use entry forms to quickly enter new information.


Add multiple attachments to your notes.

Local Copies

Store local copies of files & web pages.

MyInfo window with Perspectives dialog


Be In Charge Of Your Notes

You have full control over the arrangement of your notes. You can organize related notes hierarchically in a tree or use a list to quickly sort and group them by a number of attributes.

Unlike other applications, MyInfo allows you to order your notes manually in the exact order that you prefer.

Divide notebooks into multiple color-coded sections.

Attributes & Tags

Assign attribute values, tags, and meta data to your notes.

Multiple Columns

Show any number of attribute columns in the note list tree.


View your notes from different perspectives.

Conditional Formatting

Automatically format note list on different criteria.


Add reminders to your notes.

MyInfo text editor with Styles dialog


Your Own Word Processor

MyInfo includes a powerful text editor where you can edit the text of your notes like a pro.

You can include pictures, tables, lists, rich text formatting, and use text styles for consistent and professionally looking texts.

Note Links

Quickly link between notes wiki-style.


Spell-check as you type in more than 40 languages.


Insert checklists in your notes.

Text Styles

Keep formatting in your notes consistent.

Word Count

Get statistics for the text in your notes.

MyInfo global search pane


Powerful Filter & Search

Quick Filter makes it fast and easy to narrow down the list of the visible notes.

Global Search allows you to search for notes and attachments in any of your notebooks using a powerful boolean search syntax.

Quick Filter

Quickly filter for notes by tags, title or other attribute.

Advanced Operators

Use advanced search operators to find notes containing specific attributes or type of content.

Note Backlinks

Navigate and quickly jump between interlinked notes.

Search Everywhere

Search in all notebooks, not only in these open in the application.

Search in Attachments

Find texts in attached PDFs, Ms Office documents, web pages, and text files.

MyInfo window and export dialog


Free to Move Your Data

MyInfo can export your data in different third-party open file formats like HTML and regular files & folders, so you are never locked-in.


Undo & Backup

Undo any change and always have mutiple backups of your notebooks.


Customize toolbars, menus, and keyboard shortcuts.


Take advantage of notebooks, notes, and perspective templates.


Password-protect your notebooks with an advanced encryption.

Portable Edition

Install MyInfo on a USB/flash drive.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything