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Creating your personal wiki has never been easier! MyInfo is a free form personal information manager, which can serve you perfectly as a personal wiki system.

No matter whether you want to create a private wiki for writing, studying or research, MyInfo has all you need to get started.

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No Technical Knowledge Needed

You do not need any HTML/CSS or other technical knowledge to get started, because in MyInfo you create and edit your personal wiki visually.

Desktop Wiki Software

MyInfo is a Windows desktop wiki software. You do not need a web server, and you can use it offline, because everything is stored locally on your computer.

Portable Wiki Installation

You can install and carry MyInfo on a USB flash drive and access your wiki system on any Windows computer.

The Press

A classic example of how tagging can be wrapped into standalone applications to improve organising and finding stuff. Search now works across as many files as you have open, so you can find stuff quickly and efficiently..
Jeremy Wagstaff | LooseWire
MyInfo provides a way to arrange different kinds of research data, creating hierarchically organized documents that store and connect these snippets of multimedia. The user can format and highlight text in order to emphasize important information, as well as insert images, hyperlinks, or tables. The program also supports hyperlinking within documents. logo
MyInfo supports universal links into itself from other applications. There is a context menu brought up by right clicking in the text editing area which contains the option ‘Copy Link to This Paragraph’, if you click on this a universal link is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into any application which supports universal links. The link points to the specific paragraph in the note you are viewing.
Paul Miller | Blog


Auto-updatable links between notes

Quickly link between notes by typing @ and a part of the note title. MyInfo will automatically keep link titles up-to-date, if you rename the target note later.

Note backlinks

Navigate and jump between note references with MyInfo bi-directional linking.

WYSIWYG text editor

Edit and format your wiki pages with an easy to use text editor. Use rich formatting, tables, and links. Create bulleted and numbered lists.

Full-text Search

Easily search for any text in the wiki.

Internal web browser

Visit bookmarked web pages directly inside the app, using the Chromium-based internal web browser.

Table of contents

Organize your pages using the powerful table of contents tree. Create hierarchy of pages.

Insert pictures

MyInfo supports all major image file formats, so you can insert freely images in your wiki pages.

Metadata, comments and tags

Assign customizable attribute values to any page in the wiki. Comment and tag pages.


Import and create pages from existing HTML and rich-text documents.


Embed spreadsheets, PDF documents or any other files in your wiki.

Undo Any Mistake

MyInfo creates revisions of all your changes to your wiki, so you can undo anything easily.

Write in any language

Create pages in any language.

Spell checking

Keep your pages free of mistakes. Check your spelling in more than 40 languages.


Want your wiki to be completely private? You can protect it with a password.


Create page templates, so you can reuse frequently creates page types.


Export separate wiki pages as HTML files or publish the entire wiki as a fully-functioning web site.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything