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Managing your personal knowledge has never been easier! MyInfo is a free form personal information manager, which can serve you perfectly as a personal knowledge base (PKB).

No matter whether you want to remember important concepts, life lessons, people, and places, MyInfo has all you need to get started.

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What is personal knowledge base?

Personal knowledge base is a tool that helps you to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve and share your personal knowledge. What makes PKBs unique is that they contain knowledge that is important to you personally and not to the public or to an organization. In other words, it contains distilled knowledge about specific topics that are of interest to you.

Personal knowledge base is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to have their hard-earned knowledge and insights stored and available at any time.

Why use an personal knowledge base?

Personal knowledge management tools helps you remember thoughts and ideas, explore them, and gain new understanding and insight. It enables you to capture knowledge before it elusively disappears. Having all your personal knowledge in a single app allows you to review it regularly and to remember it easier.

The Press

One of my favorite and most used programs, MyInfo, is now out in a new version that wraps in tagging, fast searching and other tweaks that put it ahead of the opposition.
Jeremy Wagstaff | LooseWire
Modern research inevitably turns up a mishmash of mixed media, ranging from Web pages to audio files to text notes. MyInfo provides a way to arrange different kinds of research data, creating hierarchically organized documents that store and connect these snippets of multimedia. MyInfo is an impressive tool for students and researchers who want to take the next step beyond file cards. logo
The searching in MyInfo is very fast compared with other programs reviewed here. For me this program has turned out to be the closest to being the perfect program of all reviewed in this blog.
Paul Miller | Blog

Why use MyInfo as a personal knowledge base tool?

Clean User Interface

MyInfo is not only visually appealing, but it also shows only the tools you need, and follows best practices of Microsoft Office® applications to get you started quickly.

Mature and Stable Application

MyInfo initial release was created back in 1999 and since then it is continuously improved and supported. It is a robust and secure app, which you can trust for your data.

Portable Installation

You can install and carry MyInfo on a USB flash drive and access your personal knowledge on any Windows computer.

MyInfo Highlights

Web clipper

Capture web pages, texts, PDFs, and bookmarks from any browser.

Auto-updatable links between notes

Quickly link between notes by typing @ and a part of the note title. MyInfo will automatically keep link titles up-to-date, if you rename the target note later.

Note backlinks

Navigate and jump between note references with MyInfo bi-directional linking.


Clone the same note to multiple locations in your knowledge base.

WYSIWYG text editor

Edit and format your pages with an easy to use text editor. Use rich formatting, pictures, tables, and links. Create bulleted and numbered lists.

Full-text Search

Easily search for any text in your knowledgebase.

Internal web browser

Visit bookmarked web pages directly inside the app, using the Chromium-based internal web browser.

Table of contents

Organize your pages using the powerful table of contents tree. Create hierarchy of pages.

Tags, comments, and metadata

Tag and comment your notes. Assign rich metadata.


Embed spreadsheets, PDF documents or any other files in your knowledge base.

Undo Any Mistake

MyInfo creates revisions of all changes to your knowledge base, so you can undo anything easily.

Write in any language

Create pages in any language.

Spell checking

Keep your pages free of mistakes. Check your spelling in more than 40 languages.


Want your personal knowledge base to be completely private? You can protect it with a password.

Import & Export

Import existing texts, web pages, and documents. Export separate pages or your full personal knowledge base to a fully-functioning web site.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything