More Uses

Call Logs & Customer Relations

Keep notes about important conversions and events for your customers.

Collections (movies, books, quotes)

Organize collections. Keep metadata about your collection items.

Company Policies & Procedures

Create, edit, and maintain your company policies.

Contact/address Book

Collect and keep your important contacts and addresses.

Diary and Journal Software

Keep journal and notes for each day of the year.

Email Archives

Store and search your important emails.

E-learning & Reference Materials

Store your PDFs and other reference documents in a single notebook.

Home Inventory Management

Keep track of all your belongings.

Internet Bookmarks & Favorites

Maintain a list of your favorite web pages. Open them inside MyInfo.

Note Taking

Write down any useful information. Collect and organize notes.

Paper/thesis Writing

Write the draft of your paper or thesis.

Password/Credit-card Manager

Store all your passwords in a secured database.

Source Code Snippets

Organize and find useful source code snippets.

Task Manager

Create, organize and complete tasks and subtasks.

Travel Planning

Plan and organize your next great trip.

Web Site Generator

Create simple web sites with hierarchical table of contents.

Web Snippets & Offline Pages

Capture web snippets. Store offline copies of your favorite web pages.

MyInfo is a versatile organizational tool for all your needs