CintaNotes Alternative For Windows

MyInfo is a free-form organizer, which is the best alternative to the Windows note-taking app CintaNotes.

You can easily import your existing CintaNotes notebooks in MyInfo!

MyInfo is mature and stable note-taking Windows software and is actively developed.

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Compare MyInfo vs CintaNotes

Collect CintaNotes MyInfo
Capture web snippets directly from your browser Checked Checked
Attach and edit files & images Attach only Checked
Synchronize notes on different devices SimpleNote/third-party sync apps Third-party sync apps
Organize CintaNotes MyInfo
Organize notes in notebooks & sections Checked Checked
Use full text search to quickly find notes Checked Checked
Note tags & attributes Hierarchical tags Tags & custom attributes
Organize notes hierarchically - Checked
Edit CintaNotes MyInfo
Links between notes Checked Checked
In-place (inline) note editing - Checked
Text editor with rich formatting with tables and pictures - Checked
Spell-checking - Checked
Todo lists inside notes - Checked
Productivity CintaNotes MyInfo
Portable edition. Install on flash drive Checked Checked
Encryption Checked Checked
Automatic backups Checked Checked
Undo anything - Checked
Customize menus & toolbars - Checked
Note templates - Checked

The Press

A classic example of how tagging can be wrapped into standalone applications to improve organising and finding stuff. Search works across as many files as you have open, so you can find stuff quickly and efficiently.
Jeremy Wagstaff | LooseWire
The program allows a user to cut and paste elements from Web pages or other sources into a MyInfo document, or import entire document folders from the hard drive. The user can format and highlight text in order to emphasize important information, as well as insert images, hyperlinks, or tables. The program also supports hyperlinking within documents. logo
For me this program has turned out to be the closest to being the perfect note taking program of all the programs reviewed in this blog.
This is the most comprehensive and useful search facility I have found in any note taking program ...
Paul Miller | Blog

MyInfo Highlights

Full-featured Tree and Text Editor

You can format both your tree items and your text data with different fonts and colors. You can also apply styles, insert links, pictures, and tables in the text editor.

Multiple Field Types

MyInfo supports user-defined fields in the tree of different types: dates, numbers, pop-up lists, and texts.

Capture Anything

Store documents, images, notes, email messages, spreadsheets, web pages, and files.

Tags and Comments

Tag and comment your notes to find them easier later.

Import & Export

Native import and export from and to plain text, rich text, CSV, HTML, and other file formats via third-party plugins.

Browser Add-ons

MyInfo has add-ons for all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), which help you capture new information quickly.


Protect your data with industry grade AES-256 encryption.


Assign reminders to individual notes.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install MyInfo (free 30-day trial).
  2. Import your CintaNotes notebooks in MyInfo (File > Import > CintaNotes) and start using them right away!

Note: MyInfo does not import CN attachments currently.

Questions About CintaNotes & MyInfo

What is CintaNotes?

CintaNotes is a note-taking software for Windows. It organizes information in notebooks, each of which contains notes with a few predefined fields like title, note text, tags, and file attachments.

Is CintaNotes still developed?

CintaNotes website still works, however there was no new version of the software since September 18, 2018 (5 years). At this stage CintaNotes development status is unknown.

Why MyInfo is the best Windows alternative to CintaNotes?

MyInfo is quite similar to CintaNotes. Both are note-taking applications. MyInfo supports almost all features set of CintaNotes. Notes are organized in notebooks, each note has title, text, tags, file attachments, and URL.

On top of that, MyInfo allows notes to be edited inline, so you do not need to open the note in a window every time you want to modify it. And MyInfo text editor is much more powerful with full text formatting capabilities, tables, images, and links.

Looking for a viable CintaNotes alternative?