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Outlining has never been easier. MyInfo is two-pane outline app for Windows, but can easily serve as a classic, one-pane outliner program from the good old days.

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What is outliner software?

An outliner, also called outliner processor, is a tool for creating hierarchical documents. An outline is used to present the main points (in sentences) or topics (terms) of a given subject. Each item in the outline can have sub-items, so the document has a tree structure.

Outline items can expanded or collapsed, so that their sub-items are visible or hidden depending on your needs. Advanced outliners allow you to hoist certain parts of the outline, so that you can focus on a certain part of the outline, without the visual clutter of the rest.

Why use an outliner app?

An outliner breaks complex processes and ideas into smaller, more manageable bits.

Outliners are ideal tools for creating an essay, a paper, or even a book. You can use them to organize ideas, tasks, and goals.

The Press

One of my favorite and most used programs, the MyInfo outliner, is now out in a new version that wraps in tagging, fast searching and other tweaks that put it ahead of the opposition. If you use outliners, check it out..
Jeremy Wagstaff | LooseWire
MyInfo provides a way to arrange different kinds of research data, creating hierarchically organized documents. The user can format and highlight text in order to emphasize important information, as well as insert images, hyperlinks, or tables.
CNet.com logo
There is a hierarchical tree which is used to organise documents and this is where things get interesting because MyInfo implements transclusion. MyInfo allows you to clone a document so it can be placed in two or more different locations in the tree.
Paul Miller | Blog

What makes MyInfo the best outliner software for Windows?

Style your outline

You have full control over your outline appearance. You can change the font, font size, color, and font effects for each item in the outline.

Multiple columns

MyInfo is one of the few outliners for Windows, which allows you to create your own outline columns of different types - dates, number, pop-up lists or plain text.


Focus on certain parts of the outline by temporary hiding everything else.

Conditional formatting

Format rows automatically by different rules.

Notes, comments and tags

Write additional text for any item in the outline with pictures, rich formatting and tables. Comment and tag items.


Embed spreadsheets, PDF documents or any other files in your outline.


Easily search for any text in the outline.


Quickly filter outline items by specific text or attributes.


Insert an item in multiple locations of the outline.


Save outlines as templates, which you can reuse later. Templates preserve everything about an outline, including its content, styles, and preferences.


Your outlines can be exported as plain text, rich text, CSV, HTML, or you can install third-party export plugins.

MyInfo for Windows makes creating outlines and drafts easy!