Do you need a special tool for your campaign?

Being a game master (GM) or dungeon master (DM) can be both pleasurable and exhausting. The game-master has the biggest responsibility in the role-playing game and has to be well prepared for the session and to be a good improviser when the party does something unexpected.

MyInfo could not improve your improvising skills, however, it could help you being more prepared for your next game and keep your campaign in control.

MyInfo is a software that helps you create, organize and maintain your role-playing campaign. It offers you a wide range of tools and it's clean and easy-to-use interface will free your creativity.

MyInfo role-playing campaign screenshot

Below are some of the MyInfo features, that will benefit your game mastering:

  • Each campaign is stored in a dedicated file (called notebook in MyInfo), including all pictures, tables, and files from other applications.
  • Open multiple notebooks simultaneously.
  • Never lose important NPC information again.
  • Easily rearrange your campaign using the mouse (drag & drop) or the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use a full-featured rich text editor, supporting tables, links, pictures, styles, and attachments.
  • Find the information you need using the powerful search capabilities of MyInfo.
  • Clone the recurring information (like the main NPCs), so that it appears in different parts of the notebook and is always up-to-date.
  • Password-protect important campaigns, to keep them from the eyes of curious players.
  • Export and print these parts from the campaign that you need in your next session, if you prefer to not use a computer there.
  • You can publish the information needed by your players to a web site in just a seconds.

Quick-start guide

Getting started with organizing your campaign with MyInfo could be quite easy. All you need, is to create a new notebook for your campaign and outline it's structure in the note tree list. You can use the same structure as shown in the screenshot above, or you can create your own structure, according to your preferences. For example if you run a site-based campaign, you will organize your information by sites (or if you run event-based campaign, it will be organized by events).

After you outline the structure of your campaign, you can begin to add content to it. Enter all the information you have about major NPCs, general plot, party members histories and intentions.

Once your campaign is up and running, be sure to reflect all changes in the world and in the story, caused by the players. It could be useful to keep a log of the events from each session. This way you will have not only a good story, after the campaign is over, but it will also serve as a handy reference for the events that happened in the game. This way you will have a consistent story, because you can always refer to the campaign log to see the name of a NPC you made on the spot three sessions ago and which appears again in the game.

Alternative ways for organizing your campaign with MyInfo

A Guide To Session Notes, by Scot Newbury from shows how game masters and players can keep track of their campaigns.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything