The best note taking apps for Windows in 2024

The digital age has transformed note-taking. It's now a personal journey that fits each person's unique style and needs. Some people use sticky notes for quick reminders, while others organize their thoughts with headings and color codes. For Windows users, finding the right tool is crucial. As of 2024, the landscape of note-taking apps for Windows is more diverse and powerful than ever.

This article reviews the best note-taking apps for Windows. It will help you find the app that suits your note-taking style. From the ancient Greeks, who pioneered the practice of keeping personal records, to the modern professional or student, note taking remains an indispensable tool. Let's explore how these apps can improve and simplify capturing, organizing, and accessing your key thoughts and information.

Note taking app for Windows on a laptop

What is a note-taking app?

A note-taking app is like a digital notebook. It's an app that lets users write, organize, and find notes on devices like laptops and smartphones. As information flies by and our memories struggle, these apps offer a handy way to hold onto thoughts, ideas, meeting notes, and lists.

These apps do more than replace paper and pen. They fit right into our digital lives, especially for Windows users. With Windows 11, note-taking apps have gotten even better, blending smoothly with the system. This means easy access to your notes while working, studying, or planning, without breaking your flow.

Note-taking apps have many uses and suit a wide audience. Students, professionals, and writers all find value in them. But they're not just for taking notes. You can make to-do lists, set reminders, and save files and images too. Their versatility makes them essential in our digital world, where being efficient and accessible matters most.

What are the essential features of the best note-taking software?

When searching for the ideal note-taking software for Windows, there are several key features to consider that will enhance your experience and productivity.

  • Robust text editor - the heart of any note-taking app is its text editor. A top-notch editor is both user-friendly and feature-rich, offering options for rich formatting, including various fonts and colors. It should also support lists, tables, images, and hyperlinks to enhance the note-taking process.
  • Tagging system - efficient organization of notes is crucial. Tagging allows you to label your notes based on their content and purpose, aiding in the retrieval and linking of related notes.
  • Hierarchical organization - while tags provide a way to categorize notes, a hierarchical structure offers a more in-depth organization. The best note-taking apps for Windows provide the flexibility of both tags and a hierarchical system for organizing your notes like sections or sub-notes.
  • Advanced search - The digital advantage of note-taking apps lies in their search functionality. The ability to perform simple text searches and complex Boolean queries is a significant benefit, enabling quick and precise location of information within your notes.
  • Web clipper - for times when you find valuable information online, a web clipper is indispensable. This tool allows you to capture new notes directly from your browser, including text, images, and complete web pages, streamlining the note-gathering process.
  • Encryption - if your notes include confidential notes or sensitive information, encryption and password protection are essential features. These security measures ensure that your private notes remain secure.
  • Export - owning your notes means having the freedom to export them in a universal file format. This feature is vital for transitioning to different software or platforms, ensuring that your notes stay accessible no matter where you go. Print & print preview also can be handy here.

Each of these features plays a pivotal role in determining the best note-taking app for your Windows setup, whether you're using the latest Windows 11 or an older version. The right combination of these elements can greatly enhance your note-taking and organizational capabilities.

Popular note taking apps for Windows

We have reviewed best note taking applications for Windows users. By all means, it does not include all available note taking apps for Windows, but these that are worth it and that have native apps. Web-only apps are not included.

All reviewed applications have tags support and feature their own web clippers (normally Chrome extension, but in most cases working in all major browsers).


Best Notes App For Windows

MyInfo best note taking app for windows

Efficiently organize, edit, and secure your notes in MyInfo's intuitive Windows interface

MyInfo emerges as a standout choice for professional note-taking needs, particularly for Windows 10 and newer users. Tailored for those who prioritize privacy and comprehensive data management, MyInfo operates entirely offline. This ensures that all your notes are securely stored on your local machine, far from external access.

This desktop app offers a sophisticated rich text editor, complete with rich formatting capabilities, images, tables, links, checklists, attachments, and custom text styles. Its robust organizational system, featuring both outlines with unlimited levels and tag-based grouping, caters to any structuring preference. You can color code notes and assign metadata to them.

MyInfo's powerful search capabilities, inclusive of basic and advanced queries and a quick filter option, make retrieving information a breeze. The application's encryption feature, covering entire notebooks, is a significant plus for those concerned with security.

Additionally, MyInfo's export options are diverse, including formats like Microsoft Word, HTML, and plain text, alongside the versatility provided by folders, files, and third-party plugin support. A unique feature of MyInfo is its ability to create 'perspectives' - custom views of your notes, organized and sorted by tags and metadata, offering a personalized note-taking experience.


  • Fully Offline: Ensures privacy and security of notes.
  • Versatile Text Editor: Supports rich formatting and various media types.
  • Advanced Organizational Tools: Includes outlines, tags, and metadata for comprehensive note organization.
  • Backlinks: Quickly navigate related notes.
  • Strong Encryption: Offers notebook-level protection.
  • Unique 'Perspectives' Feature: Customizable views for a tailored note-taking experience.


  • Learning Curve: The vast array of features might overwhelm new users initially.


For Windows power users, MyInfo is one of the best note taking apps out there. It offers premium features for organizing notes, keeps you in control of your data by keeping your notes stored locally, and has rich set of import and export features.

Price: $99 USD (one-time fee)

Download 30-day trial version or learn more at

Google Keep

Free Note Taking App

Google Keep note taking for Windows

via Google Keep

Google Keep is the epitome of simplicity in the world of note-taking apps. Think of it as a digital notepad. As a cloud-based program, it ensures your notes are stored on Google's servers and accessible from anywhere. However, this simplicity also translates into a very basic functionality that might leave users seeking more advanced features a bit disappointed. Its text editor offers only fundamental formatting options like bold, italic, and headings. While this might suffice for quick, uncomplicated note-taking, it falls short for more complex needs.


  • Simple Interface: Straightforward and user-friendly, ideal for quick note-taking.
  • Reminders: create reminders that will show up in Google Calendar.
  • Integrated with Android: Seamlessly works with most Android phones, enhancing accessibility.


  • Basic Text Editor: Limited to very simple formatting, lacking rich text features.
  • Limited Search Functionality: Only basic text search available.
  • No Encryption: Lacks any form of note encryption for added security.
  • No Export Options: Inability to export notes limits flexibility and data portability.
  • Basic Functionality: Overall, the app's features are too basic for those needing more comprehensive note-taking tools.


Google Keep is a decent web app to organize notes on the go. It's inevitable to compare it with Apple Notes though. Apple responded to Google Keep with Apple Notes. It seems to have taken more effort for Apple users than Google put into their app.

Price: free

Available as a web app. Since March 2024, it is no longer available at Microsoft Store.

OneNote for Windows 10

Free Note-Taking for Stylus

OneNote windows notes app

via Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, pre-installed on Windows 10 and newer, presents itself as a competent contender in the note-taking app arena. This app supports digital pen and ink, making it ideal for users who prefer handwriting notes or sketches. OneNote's visual text editor is robust, offering rich formatting options, including images, tables, links, checklists, audio notes, and attachments. Its integration with Microsoft Outlook is a significant plus for those already within the Microsoft ecosystem. However, its simplicity in search functionality and lack of encryption or export options might be limiting for some users.


  • Pre-Installed: Conveniently available on Windows 10 and newer systems.
  • Digital Pen & Ink Support: Ideal for handwritten notes and drawings.
  • Free Version: Accessible without any additional cost.


  • Limited Hierarchy: Supports outlines only up to two levels, which may not suffice for complex note organization.
  • Basic Search Functionality: Only basic query support, which might not meet the needs of users with extensive note libraries.
  • No Encryption or Export: Lacks security features for confidential notes and flexibility in data portability.


OneNote for Windows 10 might not be the best note taking app out there. But if you need something to take handwritten and voice notes on your laptop or Windows tablet, it is free. And it is already installed on your PC.

Price: free

Pre-installed in Windows 10 and newer


Subscription-based Note Taking App

Evernote note taking software

via Evernote

Evernote has long been the best-known name in the world of note-taking apps. The app offers a visual text editor that supports rich formatting, including images, tables, links, checklists, and attachments, making it versatile for various types of users. Its unique ability to search texts within images and its multi-platform support are standout features. However, it's worth noting that Evernote has seen better days, with its popularity and user base in a noticeable decline.


  • Advanced Search Functionality: Supports both basic and advanced queries, including the ability to search within attachments.
  • OCR: Ability to search text in images sets it apart from many competitors.


  • Limited Hierarchy: Notes are organized only by notebook and with tags.
  • Basic Encryption: Only parts of notes can be encrypted, which may be a concern for those needing full-note encryption.
  • In Decline: The app has been experiencing a downturn in terms of popularity and user base.
  • Limited Free Version: In the past Evernote offered generous free version, but not anymore.


Evernote used to be a very good note taking app in the past. Now it lags behind its competitors and its paid versions are more expensive than before.

Price: plans: Free (up to 50 notes), Personal ($14.99 a month or $129.99 a year), Professional ($17.99 a month or $169.99 a year)

Available at

Check out best Evernote alternatives.


Open Source Note Taking App

Joplin note taking program

via Joplin

Joplin stands out in the realm of note-taking applications as an open-source, Electron-based solution. It's geared towards those who appreciate the simplicity and power of Markdown for note creation and formatting. Joplin's unique ability to handle math expressions and diagrams directly within the app sets it apart, catering to a wide range of users, from students to professionals. Its cross-platform support ensures a seamless experience across all your devices. However, the lack of encryption might be a concern for users with sensitive data. It allows you to sync files with your notes via Dropbox free storage.


  • Math and Diagrams Support: Unique feature of creating and integrating math expressions and diagrams within notes.
  • Export Options: Versatile export capabilities including Markdown, HTML, and PDF formats.


  • No Hierarchy: Lacks hierarchical organization, which might be a drawback for users who prefer structured note organization.
  • No Encryption: The absence of encryption features could be a significant downside for those needing to secure sensitive information.


Unlike the other note taking apps reviewed here, Joplin is open source. Despite that, it has a few features that you can find only in the paid version of its competitors.

Price: free, open-source

Available at


Simple Note Taking App

Simplenote note taking app

via Simplenote

Simplenote offers minimalism and cross-platform use. It's straightforward and has a clean interface for quick note-taking across devices. This makes it great for those who want simplicity and efficiency. However, its simplicity might not suit everyone. Users who need more advanced features might find it lacking.


  • Completely Free: Simplenote is one of the free note taking apps reviewed here.
  • Cross-Platform: Works on all major platforms, ensuring a consistent experience everywhere.
  • Minimal Design: Its simple design is perfect for basic note-taking.


  • Overly Simplistic: Too simple for power users, lacking rich text and multimedia options.
  • Limited Notes Organization: It doesn't have deep organizational features, which can make managing many notes hard.
  • No Multimedia Support: You can't embed images or attach files, a drawback for those who use visual aids.


Sometimes being completely free is not enough. However, the cross-platform availability of Simplenote makes it easy to add notes on Android, iOS and other mobile devices. If that is what you are looking for, it might be a good tool for your personal use.

Price: free app

Available at

Best note-taking apps for Windows at a glance

Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows Backlinks Encryption Offline access Portable version Pricing & Plans
MyInfo Yes Yes Yes Yes $99 USD
Google Keep No No Yes No Free
Microsoft OneNote No No Yes No Free
Evernote Yes Partial Yes No Plans from $14.99
Joplin No No Yes Third-party Free
Simplenote No No Yes No Free
Comparison of note-taking apps for Windows

Final thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right note-taking app for your Windows device is a game-changer for productivity and organization. While there are numerous options available, MyInfo stands out as the perfect note taking app for Windows users, offering a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone looking to streamline your daily note-taking, investing in a reliable app like MyInfo can make all the difference in your digital note-taking journey.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything