MyInfo 8.1 is here

All the small things..

MyInfo 8.0 is now available!

Learn more about our latest major release..

MyInfo 7.2 is here

Note backlinks and native .docx file support in this update..

MyInfo 7.1 is here

More ways to find notes and other productivity hacks in this update..

MyInfo 7 is here

MyInfo 7 is our best version ever! See how it will elevate your productivity today..

Small update (MyInfo 6.38)

Learn more about the latest MyInfo 6 version.

Small update (MyInfo 6.37)

Learn what MyInfo 6.37 brings on the table..

Small update (MyInfo 6.36)

A long list of fixes and improvements in MyInfo 6.35.

MyInfo 6 for everyone

Learn about the exciting new features in our newest release - MyInfo 6.

Meet MyInfo 5 – new release!

Learn more about the new MyInfo 5!

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