Meet MyInfo 5 – new release!

We’ve have exciting news today! We are pleased to announce that the new version of MyInfo 5 is available to the public. It may be not a news for you, if you are already our customer, but it is news for the people that are not yet our customers. You can download the new version here.

We have full list of what’s new in MyInfo 5, but here is a quick overview of our favorite new features. What are yours?

Links to paragraphs – People use MyInfo not only to store notes, but also long documents. It was impossible to link to specific place in a long document in the older versions of MyInfo, but now you can do that easily.

Copy link to paragraph menu item

View files directly in MyInfo – We have expanded our internal browser to support a bunch of file formats (Adobe PDFs, Ms Office files, images and text files), allowing you to view the embedded copies of these files without leaving MyInfo!

Spelling in any language – MyInfo 5 now uses spelling dictionaries. And since it is the software with the biggest number of dictionaries available, you have access to spelling dictionaries in more than 100 languages!

And just a quick reminder of how much MyInfo has improved since its first release 10 years ago, take a look at this screenshot (check out MyInfo page on Facebook for more screenshots):

MyInfo 1 main window

What will happen in the next 10 years? We’ll love to hear your feedback!

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