MyInfo 7.1 is here

Our first feature update of MyInfo 7 is here! MyInfo 7.1 gives you more ways to find your notes and makes MyInfo more usable in general.

Sort Search Results

In MyInfo 7.0 search results were grouped by section and notebook. Now you have the option to sort them by title and by the date they were updated.

Search pane with results sorted by date

Find and Filter by Date

One of the most requested search improvements was the ability to search by dates. MyInfo 7.1 offers new commands for showing recently edited notes (Tools > Recent Edits) and extends the search syntax for dates.

It is now easy to find recently updated notes (updated:day-3), notes, created after a specific date (created:20050303) and notes with empty date attributes (due:none).

The new date search syntax works in the note list quick filter too!

Search pane with a list of recently updated notes

The full date search syntax is available in the manual.

Remember Note Editor Position

The long awaited feature from MyInfo 6 is now here. MyInfo will remember the cursor position for each note, so you no longer have to scroll each time you switch between notes.

Sort Sections

You can now sort sections alphabetically. Really handy for notebooks with many sections and when you use MyInfo as a reference filing system.

Note Text Rules in the Perspectives

Another MyInfo 6 goodie is now here. You can include note text rules in your perspectives.

Better Sync

MyInfo uses more relaxed file locking, so the notebook files are updated less often when open, but not actively used. This makes them more suitable for syncing via file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

See the full list of changes in MyInfo 7.1

How do I get it?

Want to try out MyInfo 7.1? Grab it here:

Download Trial

The trial is fully functional for 30 days, so you have a plenty of time to play with it.

If you are a registered customer, you will receive download links for your licensed copy of MyInfo 7.1 at your email.

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