MyInfo 8.0 is now available!

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of MyInfo 8, the latest version of our popular personal information manager software. MyInfo 8 is packed with new features and improvements that will make organizing your life easier and more efficient than ever before.

Here are the highlights of this release:

Dark Mode

One of the most frequently requested new features for MyInfo was the dark mode. Finally, the wait is over and MyInfo 8 includes a new and shining dark theme!

It is not only beautiful looking, but also reduces eye strain, improves readability, and offers higher contrast, allowing you to work longer with less fatigue.

Markdown-style Shortcuts

MyInfo 8 now supports markdown-style shortcuts that allow you to format text as you type. This new feature enables you to apply formatting options quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual formatting or using the toolbar.

For example, you can use double asterisks to indicate bold text, or underscores for italics. These shortcuts make formatting text easier and more intuitive, allowing you to focus on the content rather than formatting.

Nested Tags

MyInfo 8 now supports nested tags, a new feature that enables users to organize their notes in a more detailed and hierarchical way.

With nested tags, users can create tags within tags, allowing for more specific categorization of notes. For example, a user can create a "recipes" tag and nest sub-tags like "desserts", "entrees", and "vegetarian."

This feature enables you to create a detailed and comprehensive organizational structure that reflects the complexity of your notes.

Code Snippets

With MyInfo 8, you can now insert code snippets directly into your notes, which is especially beneficial if you work with programming languages or need to document code-related tasks.

42 of the most popular programming languages are supported.

Note Structure Pane

If you work with long documents, you will appreciate the new note structure pane. It will help you navigate them more easily. It creates a map of all note headings, giving you a better overview of note content.

Go to Anything

Say "Goodbye" Go To Note, and "Hello" Go To Anything!

This was the winner of the popular vote for a bonus feature in MyInfo 8 - the new and shiny Go to Anything command.

It will probably become your preferred way to move around in your notebooks, giving you instant access to open notebooks, sections, perspectives, tags, and notes.

Async Backup

One of the few complains of MyInfo 7 was that its backup feature could interfere with regular app usage. This issue has been resolved in MyInfo 8 with the implementation of asynchronous backup.

This means that you can now work uninterrupted, while their data is being backed up seamlessly in the background.

All Changes

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MyInfo 8.0 is a major update. If you purchased MyInfo after June 1, 2022, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Please contact us, if you haven't received notification email from us yet.

If you purchased MyInfo before June 1, 2022 and haven't upgraded to MyInfo 8 yet, please conect us in order to get upgrade information.

How to test the new release?

Want to try out MyInfo 8.0? Grab it here:

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The trial is fully functional for 30 days, so you have a plenty of time to play with it.

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