MyInfo 8.1 is here

We are happy to announce the latest iteration of our software - warmly dubbed as the "Catch Up" release. With MyInfo 8.1, we're taking a moment to refine, to polish, and to tune up the aspects of our software that make your everyday experience smoother, more efficient, and more delightful.

At the same time, we're diligently laboring behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for more significant enhancements in the next releases.

Powering Up Attachments

A trio of attachment improvements makes them more fun to work with. Hovering the mouse over the Has Attachments column field now displays a list of all note attachments.

We've added the ability to rename your attachments with a click of the new Rename Attachment command. Now each attachment can carry the name that best suits its purpose in your notebook.

Using the new Open Attachment With command you can select the specific app you'd like to use to open an attachment. You are no longer restricted to your default choice for applications for different file types.

MyInfo Has Attachments window

Panes & Window Improvements

MyInfo will now preserve utility pane sizes between sessions. This means less time spent readjusting each time you start it, and more time focusing on what really matters.

Opening new windows is now more pleasent too. New windows now reuse existing window sizes and are positioned near them.

More Small Things

  • Responding to your feedback and requests, we're added the Paste Unformatted Text command to the note editor context menu.
  • We've eliminated the slightly annoying "No Open Notebooks" message that used to show up occasionally during app startup.
  • We've fixed the display of some stateys used as template icons in the menus that appeared too large.

All Changes

See the full list of changes in MyInfo 8.1

How do I get it?

Want to try out MyInfo 8.1? Grab it here:

Download Trial

The trial is fully functional for 30 days, so you have a plenty of time to play with it.

If you are a registered customer, you will receive download links for your licensed copy of MyInfo 8.1 in your email inbox along with your Update Key.

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