MyInfo 8.2 is here

We are happy to bring you MyInfo 8.2. This update that not only introduces exciting new features but also addresses some of the long-standing bugs that you, our dedicated users, have highlighted. This release represents our ongoing commitment to not just expand MyInfo features but also to refine it, ensuring a smoother, more reliable experience for all your note-taking needs.

Evernote ENEX Import

We are particularly excited to introduce an experimental feature that many of you have been eagerly anticipating: Evernote ENEX import. It goes beyond just importing your notes; it preserves the formatting and carries over the tags, attachments, and internal links to other notes. This feature is a game changer for those looking to migrate from Evernote without losing the essence of their carefully curated content.

CintaNotes Import

CintaNotes import is now out of experimental status. It also adds support for attachments, so you can migrate your complete notebooks.

Better Note Drag & Drop

You can now effortlessly drag and drop notes between different notebooks. Just drag a single or multiple notes to a section in another notebook in the Notebooks pane and it will automatically switch to the section where you can drop the note(s).

We have also improved the undo after moving notes between notebooks. It will affect both noteboks - removing the moved note from the destination and restoring the moved note in the source notebook.

More Small Things

  • Added Wikipedia and AI stateys.
  • Folder Drag and Drop: Drag and drop folders from Windows Explorer to create linked external documents in your notes.
  • Upgrading from MyInfo 7? Your custom dictionary will now be imported automatically.

Long-standing Bugs Fixed

  • Print and print preview: headers and footers now use the correct font settings.
  • Compatibility with Windows 11: Resolved startup issues on some Windows 11 machines.
  • Spelling context menu: Fixed occasional crashes related to the spelling suggestions context menu.

All Changes

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How do I get it?

Want to try out MyInfo 8.2? Grab it here:

Download Trial

The trial is fully functional for 30 days, so you have a plenty of time to play with it.

If you are a registered customer, you will receive download links for your licensed copy of MyInfo 8.2 in your email inbox.

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