MyInfo as recipe organizer

People use MyInfo for a great variety of tasks: information storage, writing, project management, organizing roleplaying campaigns, and more.

Recently, we discovered that MyInfo makes an excellent recipe organizing tool. There are some specialized recipe organizer applications out there, which are better if you need calorie counting and other dieting features.

Otherwise, MyInfo has all what you need in a recipe organizer and offers you the freedom not available in the other tools. You already know how easy to use is MyInfo as information manager. As a recipe organizer it is also so easy and intuitive to use. We have included even cooking templates (for a cookbook and for a recipe) to help you start organizing your recipes right away. You can see a sample cookbook for MyInfo by downloading the Open Source Cookbook in MyInfo format.

If you are looking for recipe organizer, why not see all features that MyInfo offers as a recipe organizer?

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