MyInfo new licensing terms

Starting from June 1, 2022, we are changing the way we sell MyInfo. We are introducing new, more fair and more straightforward terms for MyInfo updates for both you and us as a company.

What changed?

Traditionally, MyInfo had free minor updates and paid major updates. With the new licensing scheme, you get 12 months of free minor updates and major upgrades when you buy MyInfo license. After that you can still get new updates by purchasing a new year of updates.

If you decide to stop receiving new updates, you can still use the latest MyInfo version that was available at the time your free updates expired.

After that, you can renew your updates at any moment by purchasing additional year of updates.

Is MyInfo now a subscription-based software?

No, MyInfo is still is a perpetual-license software. Once you buy MyInfo, your license never expires. We are only changing the way you get new updates.

Why are we making these changes?

Our old updates policy was that you get minor updates for free, but major updates were paid. That stalled MyInfo development.

It forced us to delay some major new features for the paid major updates. We hate to do that. Now with the new way we sell MyInfo, we can release major new features the moment they are done!

We think we have found a great balance: you own your app forever for a one-time fee, and we get the opportunity to constantly improve the application for people who love getting the latest features.

What will be MyInfo price then?

MyInfo still costs $99 (USD). This includes a full year of free updates. After these 12 months of free updates are over, you can purchase additional year of updates for $49 (USD).

I purchased MyInfo in the past. What happens to my updates of MyInfo?

If you purchased MyInfo 7 before June 1, 2022, you will still get all MyInfo 7.x updates free of charge, no matter when they are released.

You will use the new update terms once we release MyInfo 8 and only if you decide to upgrade to it.

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