Small update (MyInfo 6.36)

This is a maintenance release, which includes all fixes from the builds after the original MyInfo 6.35 release and adds diary for 2018 and automatic updater improvements.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: diary templates for 2017 and 2018 included (also available in our addons section)
  • Improved: improvements to the automatic update feature: high DPI support, checking for updates even if the app is not restarted for a long time and security fixes
  • Improved: double clicking on a text style in Styles dialog automatically applies the style to the selected text
  • Improved: unknown builtin attributes are now exported too
  • Fixed: Open Link in External Browser was opening the link inplace instead
  • Fixed: an occasional “Can’t set data for MyInfo.exe error on startup” error under Windows 10
  • Fixed: EJPEG error when trying to import corrupted Jpeg files
  • Fixed: delimited-text import did not work for single-line CSV files
  • Fixed: an error when sorting by certain columns in filter pane
  • Fixed: document titles were not properly wrapped in the tree when both Multiline Titles and Tree Grid Lines options were active
  • Fixed: it was possible to set non-existing style via the Style edit box in the toolbar, which decreased the selection size to 1px
  • Fixed: a problem where changes in the text editor could be lost if inserting new data document, while the text editor is focused
  • Fixed: CSV reading problems with some files, containing headers and trailing commas
  • Fixed: a rare missing pictures problems when pasting from Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: a problem where web site export texts were cut off in certain browsers
  • Fixed: Application freezed sometimes when pasting browser address bar links via the global paste shortcut (Win+Ctrl+Q)
  • Fixed: tab key now indents first line of a paragraph if the caret is at the paragraph start
  • Fixed: export did not respected the Open After Export setting, when it was turned off
  • Fixed: regression: it was not possible to use Backspace in the beginning of a paragraph

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