Download TreePad

Are you looking for a working trial version of TreePad or for the free TreePad Lite installer? Lately, this has been getting harder and harder. The web is full of non-working download links or modified installers that install adware along with TreePad. That's why we decided to collect all the good TreePad installers in one place. No ads, just the original installers from the now-defunct

Download TreePad

File Edition Version Notes
install_tpxsu2.exe TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user) 7.17 21-day trial, signed
install_tpxsu1.exe TreePad X Enterprise (12 Gb, single-user) 7.17 21-day trial, signed
install_treepadbiz.exe TreePad Business Edition 8.22 21-day trial, signed
install_treepadsafe.exe TreePad SAFE 8.21 21-day trial, signed
install_treepadplus.exe TreePad PLUS 8.1 21-day trial, signed
install_treepadlite.exe TreePad Lite for Windows 4.3 freeware, unsigned TreePad Asia for Windows 4.3 freeware, unsigned

Why do we offer these downloads?

Many of our users are transitioning from TreePad to MyInfo. Sometimes, they no longer have access to TreePad, but need it to make some final adjustments or conversions, before migrating to MyInfo. We want to offer them a safe way to do so without wasting time to find a working link for the proper TreePad installer.

Original, unmodified files

The files you download from here are exactly the same as the original TreePad files. We haven’t changed them at all, so you’re getting the genuine software, just like it was.

Safe to use and virus-free

Before we put these files up for you to download, we checked them with the latest antivirus tools to make sure they’re clean and safe for your computer. You can download them without worrying about any nasty surprises.

Windows compatibility

Because these TreePad files are pretty old, we can’t promise they’ll work perfectly on the latest Windows versions like Windows 11. Technology changes a lot, and sometimes older programs have trouble keeping up. But we say give it a try!

No registered versions or cracks

In our collection of TreePad files, it's important to clarify that we do not offer any registered versions of TreePad or any form of cracks. Our mission is to provide a safe and legal way for you to access TreePad's software, focusing solely on the free or trial versions that were made available by the original developers. We believe in respecting the intellectual property rights and the efforts of the creators, thus, our repository strictly adheres to distributing only those versions of TreePad that do not infringe on legal boundaries.

Looking for a working TreePad alternative?

Looking for a TreePad alternative that's safe and compatible with the today' PCs? MyInfo could be exactly what you need. Just like TreePad, MyInfo is a fantastic tool for organizing your personal information, notes, and documents. But what sets MyInfo apart is its modern design and compatibility with the latest Windows versions. You can be sure that you can use it for the years to come. So, if you loved TreePad but need something that works well today, MyInfo is a great choice to consider.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything