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Updated: April 19, 2024

Screenshot of the now defunct TreePad personal information manager

What is TreePad?

TreePad was a versatile Personal Information Manager, Organizer, Database, and Word Processor that won awards for its performance. It was known for its portability and compact design, which came packed with features like versatility, power, simplicity, and intuitiveness.

TreePad saved time by allowing users to easily access and organize their notes, documents, hyperlinks, and images with just a click. It helped users gain better control and organization over various data such as notes, bills, projects, client details, addresses, and much more. It was designed to handle a wide array of information, from classroom notes to web pages, ensuring everything was well-organized and securely stored.

By the way, the proper spelling is TreePad even though sometimes people use Tree Pad instead.

What is the history behind TreePad?

Explore the history of TreePad, developed by Henk Hagedoorn of Freebyte Software Engineering. From its inception in 1995 to its discontinuation in 2019, uncover the story behind its development and the circumstances of its closure.

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What different editions of TreePad exist?

TreePad was available in many different editions, ranging from free to enterprise-oriented.

TreePad PLUS

  • Latest version: 8.1
  • File formats: .tpd, .hjt (rich-text)

TreePad PLUS was a multi-functional software that includes a tree-structured Personal Information Manager, database, word processor, photo album, and website generator. It features a search engine, support for images and icons, hyperlinks, zoom capabilities, drag-and-drop functionality, bookmarks, history tracking, favorites, and a multilingual user interface, among other features.

TreePad SAFE

  • Latest version: 8.21
  • File formats: .tpd, .hjt (rich-text)

TreePad SAFE included all the features of TreePad PLUS, along with advanced encryption and password protection for enhanced security.

TreePad Business Edition

  • Latest version: 8.22
  • File formats: .tpd, .hjt (rich-text)

This was probably the most popular paid edition of TreePad. It was the all-in-one solution, encompassing every feature found in TreePad PLUS, and adding state-of-the-art encryption, password protection, spell-check in over 20 languages, and tools like an agenda, calendar, and to-do list. It also included an extra editor (draft pad), automatic fields for date and time, and the ability to export to a website with a dynamic/Javascript tree pane, among other advanced functionalities.

TreePad X Enterprise

  • Latest version: 7.17
  • File formats: .dat database, export to .tpd, .hjt (rich-text)

TreePad X Enterprise was the most powerful edition of Tree Pad, capable of handling databases up to 384 Gigabytes—or 12 Gigabytes, depending on the version. Users were able to open up to eight databases simultaneously within a single instance of the program. TreePad X Enterprise has been completely redesigned using database technology to ensure peak performance and reliability.

TreePad Lite

  • Latest version: 4.3
  • File formats: .hjt (plain-text only)

The free edition of TreePad is still used by some people. It was designed to manage various types of textual data, including notes, emails, articles, links, phone numbers, and addresses.

What are the different file formats used by TreePad?

TreePad uses specific file formats for each of its editions:

  • .hjt - there were two variants of the .hjt file format: the plain-text only used by TreePad Lite and the rich-text one used by TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE, and TreePad Business Edition until version 6.x
  • .tpd - the new rich-text file format of TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE, and TreePad Business Edition starting from version 7.0
  • .dat - TreePad X Enterprise 12 Gigabytes and TreePad X Enterprise 384 Gigabytes used a proprietary, database-backed file format

How to download TreePad?

If you need to download a trial version of these TreePad editions or the free version of Tree Pad Lite, we have collected all these downloads in a single place for you.

Download TreePad trial and free versions

What is the alternative to TreePad?

There are not many tools that match TreePad's feature set. MyInfo is the main contender here. It not only offers similar features, but also imports TreePad files properly. It will preserve almost everything - from the text to the images and formatting.

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