What happened to TreePad?

TreePad was a personal information manager for Windows. It was a popular tool due to its mix of an organizer, database, and word processor capabilities. It also offered portable and free versions.

TreePad was available in different editions ranging from free (TreePad Lite and TreePad Viewer), for personal use (TreePad Plus and TreePad Safe) and for business use (TreePad Business and TreePad X Enterprise).

TreePad workspace


TreePad was created by Henk Hagedoorn from the software development company Freebyte (Freebyte Software Engineering), based in Almere, Netherlands. It was actively developed from 1995 until the middle of 2019.

Since August 2019, the app website (treepad.com) was down until February 2020, when it was purchased by another non-software related company. The last app updates were published on February 5, 2018.

Since then, the software is no longer maintained and there is no customer support for it.

There is no official information why the web site ceased to exist and what happened to the company that was developing the application. However, according to a person, who claims that she is the sister of the developer, Henk Hagedoorn passed away. This information was published as a comment by the user Elisa5555 (Elisa Hagedoorn) at Alternativeto.net

Compatibility & Availability

Despite the fact that Freebyte no longer maintains TreePad, existing versions of the organizer are generally still working properly under Windows 10 and older OS versions. Because it was last updated before Windows 11, it is unknown whether TreePad is compatible with this new version of Windows.

Even though original TreePad's website is dead, you can still download TreePad installers (free and trial versions) and you can download portable version of TreePad Lite at PortableFreeware.com.

TreePad Alternative

If you are looking for modern personal information manager replacement for TreePad, you may take a look at MyInfo. It is an actively developed and extremely popular TreePad alternative for Windows (compatible with Windows 11). It offers native import for .hjt files and similar functionality to all TreePad editions*

* - .hjt is the extension for the file format that TreePad used until version 7. If you have files using the newer .tpd file format, you may need to export them to .hjt first.

MyInfo helps you collect and remember anything