Small update (MyInfo 6.37)

Learn what MyInfo 6.37 brings on the table..

Small update (MyInfo 6.36)

A long list of fixes and improvements in MyInfo 6.35.

Send to MyInfo Firefox signed add-on

Important information regarding our Send to MyInfo Firefox extension.

OPML import/export plugin

Want to import and export data from and to MyInfo using an open text format?

MyInfo on Mac and Linux

Don't have Windows, but want to run MyInfo? Learn how here..

Send to MyInfo from Google Chrome

Send web snippets to MyInfo directly from Google Chrome

InfoTree import plugin

Import files created by InfoTree, InfoTree32 XTPro, InfoTree32 XT, and Retrieve.

MyInfo 6 for everyone

Learn about the exciting new features in our newest release - MyInfo 6.

Diary/calendar template for 2011

Get MyInfo diary/journal template for 2011!

Meet MyInfo 5 – new release!

Learn more about the new MyInfo 5!

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